Elcometer 148
pH Tester


The Elcometer 148 pH Tester is a simple, easy to use pH meter designed to measure both the acidity of liquids (pH) and temperature using a single sensor.

In many industries, pH measurement is critical to the correct performance of processes. pH is the measure of acidity of a liquid.

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14pH – where 0pH is acidic and 14pH is alkaline. pH is temperature dependent thus the temperature of the sample under test will affect the pH value recorded.

The Elcometer 148 sensor has automatic temperature compensation, ensuring like-for-like measurements can be taken for meaningful comparison of the results.

  • Simultaneously displays pH and temperature
  • Measurement hold / freeze function
  • Record maximum and minimum readings over a series of tests
  • °C / °F user switchable
  • Waterproof to IP57 and floats on water
  • Auto power off

The condition of the sensor is automatically monitored after each successive calibration and sensors can be easily replaced by the user as and when required.

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