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Elcometer 138E
Conductivity Meter

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Incorporating a cup-style sensor, the Elcometer 138 Conductivity Meter can measure the conductivity of a solution from a few drops of a sample.

Users can either place a sample on the meter’s sensor or immerse the meter’s sensor directly into the solution under test. The Elcometer 138E Conductivity Meter is suitable for a broad range of applications, including measuring the concentration of soluble salts, and measuring the electric conductivity (EC) of solutions.


The Elcometer 138E Conductivity Meter features:


  • Automatic range switching gives a wide measurement range of 0μs/cm to 20mS/cm
  • Out of range and low battery indicators
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) and manual or automatic one- or two-point calibration
  • LCD screen with indicators and error messages, dual-line display
  • User-replaceable integrated 2-pin, stainless steel electrode provides chemical resistance

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