Elcometer 112AL, 112 & 3236
Hexagonal Wet Film Combs


  • The Elcometer Hexagonal Wet Film Combs are designed for wet film thickness measurements and come in a range of thickness scales.

    Elcometer 112AL Punched Wet Film Combs (Aluminium)

    These punched aluminium combs offer the user a low cost method of measuring the wet film thickness.

    The Elcometer 112AL, being punched from aluminium, is not as accurate as precision formed stainless steel wet film combs and has a shorter lifespan.

    Supplied in a pack of 10 combs, each comb has Metric (25 – 3000μm) on one side and Imperial (1 – 118mils) on the other.

    The Elcometer 112AL can be customised with your logo. Please contact Elcometer for further details.


    Elcometer 112 & 3236 Hexagonal Wet Film Combs (Stainless Steel)

    These hexagonal precision formed stainless steel wet film combs are long lasting, reusable and supplied in a range of thicknesses measuring up to 3000μm (120mils).

    These six sided combs vary in size, giving either 24 or 36 measurement steps, depending upon the comb, thus providing increased accuracy.

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